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Holiday Periods
1. Period   1-15 March, 1-15 June, 1-15 September
2. Period   16-30 March, 16,30 June, 16-30 September
3. Period   1-15 April, 1-15 July, 1-15 October
4. Period   16-30 April, 16-30 July, 16-30 October
5. Period   1-15 April, 1-15 August, 1-15 November
6. Period   16-30 April, 16-30 August, 16-30 November

It is a property of which you have the ownership for a certain period for having holiday, health purposes, resting purposes, thermal spring purposes etc. It is legally registered on your own name at the Land Registry and you have the full right to sell, to rent, to hand over, to bequeath a legacy or to let your relatives to stay in that property for the determined period.


It is not economical buying a summer house for short term summer holiday. In addition, your holiday may become a nightmare due to yearly maintenance of the house. Timeshare System meets your holiday requirements and provides you with economical benefits in this regard. Your timeshare which is upkeeped and equipped with the required equipments and tools, provides you with comfort and save of time. In case you are unable to use your timeshare due to unexpected reasons, your right of renting your timeshare prevents you having an economical loss. Administration and upkeeping issues are made through annually charged membership fees. The amount of fees is determined by the Annual General Assembly meeting. It is much more economical than having a summer house because of high cost of having a summer house, upkeep costs and continuous upkeed hardships. You can set up close relations with other members accomodating in the same timeshare. This helps you to have a safer holiday environment. Timeshare is operated with the chain of regulations and a certain system. Existing order and renewal of it is made by following up the modern age’s requirements and integrating to the system. Over the years, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with staff, facilities, location and apartment homes. This in many ways provides you with many advantages.

The price you pay for to obtain the timeshare, increases its own value every year and provides you with extra gain. It is also advantegous in selling, renting or inheriting the timeshare due to Deef of property.

By increasing the price you pay when obtaining the value of the timeshare every year, also provides new revenue stream. Deed of property due to the sale, rental, or by right of inheritance is an advantage to you.
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