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The Greek Historian Strabon describes “The Paradise” on earth through his words “If God wants his human beings to have long lives, leaves them to Datca Peninsula. Datca is a peaceful holiday destination where impressive bays, lush mountains, blue flagged sea comes together. All these make Datca a peaceful holiday place prolonging human life with its plenty of oxygen. Through its thyme scented air, almond blossoms, bougainvilleas and honeysuckles DATÇA BİLLURKENT is a facility as famous as Datca..
DATÇA BİLLURKENT is with its 350 apart houses located by the sea at Kızlan Region. Via its private beach, pool and activities, facility hosted thousands of families who not only had their holidays, but also had their best memories. Billurkent is a Resort Holiday Village providing you with peaceful, intimate, crystal-clear holiday experience through its restaurant, shopping center, pool-bar, recreation areas, sports facilities, beach and pier. Billurkent is a Timeshare Facility equivalent to resort holiday village. Billurkent offers you an unforgettable holiday experience not only with its facilities but olsa with holiday spirit…

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